ENIME (Meaning Within Me) was born in 2014 in Montreal (Qc), Canada.

Stef Forget (guitar) main writer, is influenced mostly by 80s thrash metal and hardcore punk.

In 2014 he began writing a few songs and started searching for a singer.

Later that year he found the singer Graham Henson (Grey).

Grey writes all the lyrics and is mainly influenced by 90s heavy metal and newer metal styles.

After writing 3-4 songs together, they could clearly see that they were creating a new and unique modern “heavy / thrash” metal.

They formed in 2015, after finding their 1st bassist Rob Aisenthal and Eric Mireault, the drummer.

In 2016, they added another guitarist, Phil Forget and the band was complete.


They released their first album DEMON INSIDE independently in the summer of 2016.

The album had great reviews throughout the year.

In 2016-17, ENIME played several shows with numerous local bands in two Canadian provinces.

They released a lyric video “Selling Fear” in the winter of 2017.

They also did a provincial tour in spring/summer 2017 where they could show to their fans how tight and precise ENIME is live.


Late 2017, they started writing new material. Unfortunately in spring of 2018, Rob Aisenthal (Bass) left the band.

ENIME started recording their 2nd, 10 songs album BLEEDING OUT in April 2018.

They recorded and mixed the drums with Francis Perron at Radicart Recording Studio, a well-known studio where VOIVOD recorded their last 2018 album “The Wake”,via Century Media Records.

ENIME recorded the vocals, guitars and bass at their personal home studios.

BLEEDING OUT was produced by ENIME, the mixing and mastering was done by Stef Forget.


End of summer 2018, ENIME found their new bassist Pat Légaré.

They are now ready to release their 2nd album BLEEDING OUT – Spring 2019

ENIME are getting ready for touring in 2019.


ENIME’s music is heavy and articulate, thrashy, catchy and also melodic.