enime-bandENIME  from Montreal, (Qc) Canada.

Top L-R: ENIME Current Line Up | Rob Aisenthal (Bass) | Phil Forget (Guitar) | Eric Mireault (Drums) Stef Forget (Guitar) – Bottom Center: | Grey (Vocals) – Photo Credit – Claude St-Pierre


Nietzsche memorably wrote that we should be careful not to gaze too long into the abyss, for the abyss also gazes into us.

Well, Enime are a band not afraid to gaze into the abyss and to take musical and lyrical inspiration from it. But no inspirations from mythical gods and monsters, rather Enime are inspired by the world around us. Vocalist Grey explains eloquently. ‘The lyrics on this album are a conglomerate of what’s wrong with the world and it eats away at our souls…Every single day each and everyone of us lives with the horrors of this world. You put on the 6 O’ Clock News and it paints a very dark picture of today’s society. The days of seeing something positive are few and far between and becoming a thing of the past. We live in a world of silicon. Everything is fake. What you see is not what you get. Starting with the simplest cosmetic surgery, to one’s Facebook profile, to the media altering a report, all the way to the powers that be feeding us a pile of shit on a daily basis. We as a people have created a monster and it is taking over. Every time we let this evil inside us it takes a bite of our souls. When the last mouthful has been devoured nothing is left but…THE DEMON INSIDE!’

Influenced by 80s thrash giants like Exodus, Anthrax and Metallica and later-day heroes like Killswitch Engage, Enime’s music is ‘heavy articulate, clean, thrashy, and also melodic.’ Indeed Stef sees their new album as the aural equivalent of a laxative, claiming the fans will ‘poop their pants’ when they hear it.

The unique Enime vision extends to music as well as lyrics. ‘The evolution of the band is to become better players and songwriters!’